Responsible ethics

Financial Education and Business Ethics

At Bloon, we strongly believe in the importance of financial education for children. This goes beyond the simple provision of services. We are committed to supporting the education of younger generations about money and responsible consumption. Our educational initiatives aim to give you and your children the tools to make informed financial decisions.

One of our main priorities is to encourage ethical financial choices. We believe that children can be educated to understand the value of money and the impact of their consumption decisions. We do not seek to exploit their innocence, but to empower them by providing information and resources to help them make ethical choices.

Data Protection and Non-Use of Commercial Approaches to Children

At Bloon, we strongly believe in protecting children's personal data. We never share the data of our young users with third parties, except in cases strictly necessary for the provision of our services, and always in compliance with current regulations.

Furthermore, we undertake not to use aggressive or intrusive commercial approaches towards children. Our goal is to provide a safe and positive environment, free from advertisements or marketing practices. We respect children's privacy and ensure that their online experience is free from any commercial pressure.

These practices reinforce our commitment to business ethics and the protection of children, ensuring that their experience with Bloon is safe, respectful and educational.

Transparency and Honesty in Communication

Transparency is a pillar of our business ethics at Bloon. We believe in honest and transparent communication with children and their parents. When we present our products or services, we do so in a clear and understandable manner, without the use of misleading marketing tactics. Children and their parents should know exactly what they can expect from our products or services, which promotes trust and customer satisfaction.

Influencers and Marketing for Children

Marketing to children is a responsibility we take very seriously. We recognize the role influencers play in the lives of children today. This is why we choose our partnerships carefully, ensuring that influencers share our ethical values. We demand full transparency in collaborations with influencers, so that young viewers can always distinguish between advertising and authentic content.

European Regulations and Compliance

As a children's account service provider, Bloon operates in compliance with strict European regulations that protect the rights and privacy of children. The European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets high standards for the collection, processing and storage of children's personal data.

At Bloon, we are committed to fully complying with the provisions of the GDPR to ensure that children's information is managed with the utmost care. This means that we seek consent from parents or legal guardians before collecting personal data from children, and we are committed to transparently informing them about how we use this data.

We also work closely with European regulatory authorities to ensure our continued compliance with ever-changing regulations. Protecting children's rights online is a fundamental priority for Bloon, and we are proud to contribute to a safer and ethical online environment for young users in France and across Europe.

Concretely, at Bloon: Protect, Educate and Respect

At Bloon, we go beyond just words when it comes to child protection. Concretely, this means that we do not solicit children to generate presence on social networks, sponsorship or promotion of our own services. Our communications are targeted to parents or legal guardians, who are the appropriate recipients of our messages.

Our commitment to financial education, protection of privacy and the promotion of responsible consumption is reflected in our daily actions. We view every interaction with children as an opportunity for learning, respect and responsibility.

At Bloon, we don't just talk about business ethics. We put it into practice in every aspect of our business, with an unwavering commitment to the protection of children and compliance with strict European data protection regulations.



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