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A true innovation from Bloon, the parental control device has been completely redesigned so that parents can truly use such a device. Thanks to several years of development with our banking network partners, you can now define for yourself and directly from the management console reserved for parents, the rules that will apply to purchases by the child.

The default rule

If you choose to use parental controls, you will be required to determine how Bloon processes purchases. You can therefore choose between two philosophies. 

  • mode 1: Purchases are authorized by default: (this is active mode when you receive the card.). This mode invites you to define what will characterize a transaction to be refused. 
  • Mode 2: Purchases are refused by default: you will then be asked to specify what constitutes an authorized purchase.  

Parental control rules

Whatever the “default” mode chosen, each rule is an exception to the default processing

Take for example the following rule:

“ban online purchases after 8 p.m.”

This rule is defined by 2 characteristics:

  • online shopping
  • purchases after 8 p.m. 

And an action:

  • transaction refused.

The 2 conditions must be met simultaneously in the same transaction for the action to be applied. If the transaction were to take place online, and before 8 p.m., then the rule will not apply since only the online condition will have been satisfied.

In a rule you can put one or more conditions, it's up to you.

When a transaction is not affected by all the rules active on an account, then the default rule will apply.

Actions in detail:

You have 3 possible actions for each rule.

  • To allow
  • Refuse
  • Check

Authorized: means that the transaction will be validated by parental controls, and provided that the funds and other security measures are satisfied, Bloon will validate the purchase.

Refuse: involves informing the merchant (online store, store, etc.) that the transaction has been refused. The child will then receive a notification on their phone application, and will specify the rule which generated the refusal. If he wishes, he can make a request to the parent to modify the rule if he considers that it is not suitable.

Verify: Valid only on online transactions, verification consists of sending a real-time request to parents, so that they can approve the transaction. When the transaction is initiated, parents have 5 to 10 minutes to validate it.

A typical rule can take the following form:

“Check online purchases over €30”

This rule will be applied each time a transaction is made online and it exceeds the defined amount.

Tracking and history

Each transaction, whether accepted or blocked, appears in the transaction history. And in all cases, you have the possibility of seeing the rule which will have been applied to the transaction in question. This allows you to quickly find the rules that have been applied, and to modify them if you think it is necessary. The modifications are instantaneous.

The order of the rules.

You can apply several rules on the same card. In reality, there are no limits on the number of rules. on the other hand their order is important because the first rule corresponding to the transaction will be the one whose action will apply.

Let's imagine the following 2 rules:

Rule 1: Purchases after 8 p.m.: refused.

Rule 2: Online purchase: authorized.

Default rule: refused

If your child makes an online purchase after 8 p.m. in a shopping center. Rule 1 applies.

If your child makes a purchase before 8 p.m. on a website: rule 1 is not concerned, we move on to the next one: rule 2. Since the purchase satisfies all the criteria mentioned, rule 2 applies as well. this is indeed an online purchase and no other conditions are required. The transaction will only be authorized in accordance with the action determined for that particular rule.

To change the order of the rules, simply go to rule management and move a rule up or down to change the order of the rules.

The default rule is always last and cannot be moved or deleted. It is only possible to change the action linked to it.



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