Pocket money for children's financial education.

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Bloon the educational account par excellence

It's never too early to form good habits.


To choose is to renounce !

With the limited budget, the children realize that they won't be able to have "it all". They discover through experience how to define purchasing priorities and the hierarchy of needs.


For the youngest: configure their card so that it can only be used in a few well-defined contexts.

Gradually, free up new spaces of autonomy when the child knows how to better manage his budgets and impulses.

In the end, you decide!

To secure

Set limits by day, and hours of the day.

Allow contactless purchases only in certain stores

Limit international purchases only for certain online stores

Make pocket money a truly educational and virtuous experience, in an environment entirely under parental control.

Small steps that count.

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Define a limited and adapted space for autonomy

Bloon allows you to create a real bank account, while defining the rules for using the Visa card.
Autonomy in small steps
For your first card, you can limit its use only to purchases on your favorite online games, up to €5 per week... nothing else. Your child gains independence, manages a limited budget, and the little extra: will no longer ask you for your card
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Bloon en famille

A space for exchange

Experiment together, as a family and in safety

Big steps don't need to be complicated.
Bloon proposes to put parents at the heart of learning for a controlled transition towards financial independence.
Discuss needs
Having an account is an opportunity to discuss (and sometimes negotiate a little too) about money, how to have it, and what it should or should not be used for, its value...
Defining the rules is an ideal opportunity to explore together the priorities and limits that we wish to put in place, and revisit them when we wish.

At Bloon
everything is there to learn,
in a single subscription without concessions.

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His First Real Card

The payment solution with our VISA Card valid in all stores, with no overdraft possible to spend your pocket money.

Real Parental Control

Modular and flexible, Bloon deploys new innovative features: you define where, when and how pocket money can be used.

A Web and Mobile App

No jealousy, and for all tastes, the new Bloon mobile management application is also available on your favorite web browser.

Tips and guides

Learning good money management also means understanding. All the tools are provided to acquire the best management reflexes.

Participatory prize pools

Allow those around your children to contribute to projects by providing them with a list of their purchases in which they can participate.

Scalable platform

The most suitable banking application. Each age has its own interface. Simple and fun for the youngest, detailed and more mature for teenagers.

The experience

with complete peace of mind and having fun


Define your plans for major purchases, and ensure that the money will remain safe


Teach your child how to implement savings strategies throughout the year thanks to our expense tracker.


allow family and friends to contribute to the realization of projects that matter.

Parental control :
Flexible, Extended and Modular.

Make your first card the card you want

The main selection criteria

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Define the days of the week on which your child can spend their pocket money. (e.g. Saturday or Sunday)
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Refuse purchases at certain times of the day (e.g. after 9 p.m.)
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Define your children's purchase dates: before or after a specific date, or between two dates. (e.g. between July 1 and August 31)
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Choose the amount your child is allowed to pay for their purchases. (e.g. when a transaction is above €50)
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Whether or not to allow payments in particular currencies. (e.g. Euros and Pound Sterling)
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Your child will be able to make payments in the countries you choose. (Ex: France and Switzerland)
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The rule will apply when the transaction takes place at one or more specified merchants. (eg: Amazon)
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The rule will apply when the transaction takes place at merchants of a certain category (e.g.: Adult site or liquor store.)
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Filter the payment methods used by your child. (e.g. contactless payment or online purchases)
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The rule will apply when the total amounts exceed a certain threshold over a given period and filter. (more than €5 per month on social networks)
On your finger
and with the mouse

Multi-platform access

Bloon is a compendium of features that don't exist anywhere else. In order to offer the best experience Either way, parents and children have both the mobility of a smartphone application and the comfort of a web application. Everything is managed and manageable through the app to give you easy access at any time.

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Questions about our bank card for children?

When can we subscribe?

Before the end of the year ! But those who registered during this pre-launch phase will have priority over the first openings of subscriptions for which places will be limited. In addition, pre-registered will have additional bonuses. So don't wait any longer, register quickly.

Are you a bank?

Bloon is not a bank. Because we don't do credit card, and we do not invest your money or that of the children. Your funds are guaranteed, secure while waiting for them to be spent. We are actually an online piggy bank 😉

Who can subscribe?

Everyone can benefit from the Bloon account. For opening an account, an adult with parental guardianship of the child(ren), must take the process and be domiciled in France. 

Parents can then open accounts for each of the children who, will benefit from the account of the new card and all associated services.

Why a subscription?

Because free models – without subscription – pay for what is most valuable – your privacy and the commercialization of your private data. And we don't want that.

Our top priority is to protect children, especially at an age when they are most vulnerable. It begins Already by not bombarding them with ads, various solicitations, and other disguised promotions such as cashback which we are not super fans of.

In short, the best thing for everyone is to go through a subscription that we will make as minimal as possible, which ensures a secure, independent environment, and allows us to bring you innovation and positive services.

How to pay the money into the child's account?

It's very easy. All you need to do is define a classic payment method such as a bank card, define the amount to pay, and the pocket money will be instantly deposited into the child's account. In complete transparency and security.  

You will be able to define the payment automatically according to the chosen periods (every month for example), or occasionally. 

Our participatory prize pool system also allows friends and the rest of the family to contribute financially. 

If the grandparents would like to help the child buy their new bike, they could now do it by transfer, while ensuring that the money will not be spent otherwise. Admit that it’s a little more practical than the check in the envelope!?

At what age can my child have an account?

We always wonder how can you get a bank card. In reality, there is no Really minimum age. You could create an account from the age of 6!

The earlier we acquire good reflexes, the better!
10 years seems like a good start, which is roughly where the entry to college, And the first major responsibilities. 

Knowing that our internally developed parental control system will allow you to gradually open up the field of possibilities and easily adapt the account to your needs.

And what’s special about your parental controls?

Our parental control allows you to define under what conditions the child is authorized to spend their money. No purchases on the phone in the evenings after 8 p.m.? No spending more than €20 per month on video games? Do you want to validate payments over €30 before they are made? Do you want to set the withdrawal limit or payment method? Carefree !

We've redesigned parental controls from the ground up, so that they're truly usable in everyday life.

It is you as parents who decide how you prefer to configure it by offering more or less autonomy. 

The rules are specific to each payment card.

What type of card do you offer?

Bloon offers a unique Mastercard model that does not allow overdraft. Your money is not invested, it is simply safe. This allows you and your child to manage their pocket money more easily. You set the withdrawal amount as well as its online use of the money present in the account balance.

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Parental control

Sorting out expenses A true innovation from Bloon, the parental control system has been completely redesigned so that

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Responsible ethics

Protecting children also means protecting their personal data and not subjecting them to advertising bombardment.

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